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Many sports require the ability to jump horizontally.  But only the long jump requires the athlete to jump vertically as well.  Long jump demands a combination of speed, strength and agility to leap as far as possible from a take-off point. 

This ‘projectile motion’ or hang time depends on the vertical velocity at take-off. The greater the vertical velocity, the higher the athlete can jump and the longer he or she remains in the air. 

Only Össur has developed a sport prosthetic specific to long jumping. The blade is designed to provide faster pace for the run-up and improved push off to get maximum distance out of the jump. 

How does a world record-holder fly?

Just ask Markus Rehm. Long Jumper, sprinter, world record-holder, and 4-Time Paralympic Champion. Watch Markus in action as he demonstrates the power of his Cheetah Xpanse.

Current long jump records

8.95m, Mike Powell (USA)

World Record, 1991

7.52m, Galina Chistyakova (URS)

World Record, 1988

8.72m, Markus Rehm (GER)

Para World Record (T64), 2023

What are you capable of?

Work hard, stay focused, and race to win with Össur’s range of prosthetic Sports Solutions and running blades, developed side by side with elite runners, Paralympians, triathletes, long jumpers and more.