Sabine's life using prosthetic fingers

"During my childhood, I was regularly bullied and laughed at. That's why I always hid my hand in public and therefore rarely or never used it. After a few years I finally for my first prosthetic hand. However, it was no more than a silicone glove that I had to fill with cotton wool. It was horrible. People watched me and laughed at me. As a result, I started hiding my hand again.

I had been researching myoelectric prosthetic hands on the internet and in 2015 I received an invitation to an information day about prosthetic hands. That's where I first learned about i-Digits. I took the brochure home and searched the internet for stories of people with bionic prosthetic hands. I started dreaming about it more and more! 'Suppose I had such a hand, then I could hold a glass in the left hand, then I could operate a pepper mill, then I could do everything!'

One morning in 2017 I woke up determined: I had read so much about bionic hands and had firmly set my sights on the i-Digits. I took action and was able to wear one for a trial period and was absolutely overjoyed when I held a cup in my left hand for the first time! I practised very hard with my i-Digits but when it was time to give the prosthesis back because the testing period was over, I felt like I had to "give up my hand." At that moment I knew for sure, I wanted this hand.

I'm so happy that my dream came true! I am now the proud owner of the very best bionic hand there is for me and am still grateful for it every day. My mum always taught me that I can do anything I want to, and that is my mantra. I try everything, and I am proud when I can do something new. Everything that used to make me vulnerable now makes me strong! I used to hide my hand and the looks of others made me insecure. Now I talk about the past, about the road I have travelled and I show my hand to anyone who wants to see it! Now I am really proud of who I am!"

Sabine was born with congenital adactyly of her left hand. That means she is missing parts of her fingers on one hand. As a child she was regularly bullied and so hid her hand in public. It wasn't until later, in 2017, when she got her first i-Digits, that she realised she didn't have to hide anymore, and now she is proud to show off her prosthetic hand. 

What Sabine uses

Sabine uses i-digits.