Johan’s Story

Johan Holst, an aspiring footballer, sustained an injury to his right foot through a rough tackle during a match back in 1997 when he was 17 years old. His career was just taking off, but little did he know that this injury would change his life forever, and result in 15 years of pain. During those 15 years Johan attended a long chain of hospital visits, underwent several unsuccessful operations and aggressive drug treatments, but this unbearable pain continued and began to take a serious toll on his physical and mental well-being. 

Time and time again, Johan’s specialist team suggested solutions but simply nothing worked, and as a last resort the topic of amputation was broached in 2012. Having exhausted all avenues, Johan agreed to the amputation of his foot. For the first time in a long time, he recognised a glimmer of hope, a chance that he could be free from chronic pain and medication for the first time in many years. Thankfully, this decision proved to be the right one! 

Today, life has returned to a new normal and Johan enjoys both running and training at the gym several times a week.  His prosthetist has helped him with various prosthetic solutions which enable Johan to continue to live an active life. 

Soon after amputation, Johan set himself a multitude of new running, climbing and wakeboarding ambitions which he is now exceeding, at a breakneck pace!  See below for his list of achievements so far…  

• On the 2nd anniversary after the amputation, Johan participated in a competitive 21 km run (Göteborgsvarvet, swe – 17 maj 2014) 

• Midnattsloppet (swe) - 16 August 2014 (10 km running) 

• Kebnekaise (swe)- 23 August 2014 (mountain climbing) 

• Kretsloppet (swe) - 20 September 2014 (10 km running) 

• Desert Safari - March 2015 (Dunebuggy /Cross in Dubai, Red Dessert) 

• World Run, Kalmar-Öland (swe)- 13 May 2015 (Running) 

• West Coast Tour - July 2015 (Running in the U.S) 

• 2:nd place, Tjörn Triathlon (swe) - Aug 2016 (Cycling 90 km, with Team Holst) 

• Swedish para golf tour 2017 – ended 4:th 

• Started to play Padel Tennis - April 2017 

• 1:st place Tjörn Triathlon (swe) - Aug 2017 (Cycling 90 km, with Team Holst) 

• Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) Nov 2017 – Climbing the highest single free-standing mountain in the world: 5,895 meters 

• 2018 My son (Tim Holst) was born.
• 2019/2020 Start aiming for the Paralympics 2022 in Bejing - Alpine skiing (slalom, giant slalom) 
Practice with Ski Team Sweden Para Alpine (corona, no competitions) 

What Johan Uses

For his prosthetic solutions, Johan switches between 3 different prostheses: IcerossSeal-In V in combination with Re-Flex and Iceross Seal-In V in combination with Flex-Foot Cheetah Xplore, a unique crossover foot prosthesis, primarily designed for everyday use, but which allows the user to engage in various sports and more intense activities. However, his Flex-Run with Nike sole, and Iceross Activa Liner are still his favourite prostheses on the running track.

Product Links: Iceross Seal-In V, Flex Foot Cheetah Xplore