Protecting ligaments since 1983, CTi is a world-renowned knee brace designed to be both strong and lightweight. Whether used in a preventative or post-injury function, CTi knee braces are the brand for rigid, functional support. Our commitment to understanding and designing knee braces to meet the precise and unique demands of users, has established an unmatched loyalty to the range.

Do I Need a CTi?

There are a wide variety of ACL knee brace on the market and all offering different benefits, selecting the right knee support can prove difficult. It’s important to understand the range of ligament knee braces available and their associated medical indications to ensure the most suitable solution, whether that’s injury prevention (prophylactic) or post-injury with the aim of returning to activity.

Find the right brace

Available as Off-the-Shelf or a Custom brace designed for your specific knee, discover the whole CTi range.