Braces for extreme sport can be hard to come by but the CTi is a world renowned ACL sports brace known for its high level of safety and is the perfect way to protect your knees from injury.

The ultimate sports knee support for post-operative preventative care

  • For athletes who participate in sports and activities with a high instance of knee injuries that want added protection and confidence.
  • Who need high performance, low-profile, rigid support for their knee(s).
  • The brand for rigid, functional knee support.
  • That beats the competition because it‘s truly custom design enables it to be optimized for the athlete‘s anatomy and activity requirements.
  • The main reason, the CTi brace frame locks onto the tibia, helping to reduce migration and provide the brace-to-bone contact needed for maximum stabilisation of the knee joint.

An ACL Knee Brace Trusted by Elite Athletes

Since 1983, the CTi has been tested, trusted and is the ACL knee brace of choice for professional extreme sports athletes around the world. The CTi is "Truly Custom" and our commitment to understanding and designing product to meet the unique demands of athletes, we have established a loyalty and awareness to the brand that is unmatched.

Do I need a CTi?

There are a wide variety of ACL knee brace options on the market and they all feature different benefits, from injury prevention (prophylactic) to those worn post injury with the aim of returning you to activity. With so many options and so much information, selecting a knee support for ligament damage can be quite difficult.

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