As medical professionals, your patient’s health is your priority. Össur is here to help with Embrace - a patient support and engagement email program. It’s specifically designed to provide your patients with the information, resources and personal connection they need to fully benefit from their bracing solution.

This program enables you – the health care provider – to increase the likelihood of your patient’s adherence to their treatment plan and offers a way to stay connected to your patients with minimal effort and cost to your office.

Patient Resources

Once registered, your patients will receive customized brace specific resources at timed intervals sent straight to their inbox:

  • Fitting videos
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance tips
  • Priority access to new products and upgrades
  • User case studies and testimonials
  • Information on their condition
  • Easy-to-complete survey for valuable feedback

Here’s what your office can expect with Embrace:

Engaged and informed patients are more likely to have better outcomes and to report being extremely satisfied with their treatment. How does this benefit your practice?

Increase in patient compliance

The more education and resources your patients receive, the more apt they will be to wear the brace as instructed, giving them the best outcome possible.

Improved patient engagement

Embrace emails will have your clinic name and contact information in the footer as if the email is being sent directly from you, which will increase patients’ level of interaction with your office, helping them to feel more engaged and connected. Higher levels of engagement improve the patient experience overall.

Reduction in unnecessary office visits

Embrace patients will have the ability to review fitting videos and troubleshoot from the comfort of their own home, reducing the time and expenses involved with repeat visits.

Increased patient referrals

When patients receive additional benefits from your clinic, they are more likely to recommend it to their friends and family. This can increase your business and profitability considerably.

Increase physician referrals

Survey data, including rating the ease of use and reduction in pain, will be shared with prescribers to reinforce bracing as a solution.

How It Works

Getting started

Contact your area manager today and provide your company name, number and email address. Once you join Embrace, we will send your custom URL and QR code and patients can begin registering in your office immediately.

Enrolling patients

Enrolling patients is easy. You will receive a custom registration URL and a QR code specific to your office on a poster. You can post the codes in a place easily accessible to patients (such as an exam room or at check-out.) Or simply share the link or code with your patients and they can sign themselves up on the spot!

Featured Braces

The Embrace program supports a wide range of Össur braces and patient indications, including knee osteoarthritis, knee ligament instabilities as well as other knee injury solutions. Your patients will receive timed, brace specific emails, including your clinic information, that provide support throughout their patient journey and allow them to achieve the most success with their unique bracing solution.

CTi® Custom

Provides optimal protection and stabilization of the knee joint. Available in different models with numerous options.

Rebound® DUAL

Rebound DUAL delivers functional support for ligament instabilities in a versatile aluminum brace.

Unloader One® X

Clinically proven to provide pain relief and functional improvements to people suffering from unicompartmental OA of the knee.

See all braces available in the Embrace program:

CTi® Knee Braces

  • CTi
  • CTi Custom
  • CTi OA
  • CTi Mission (Coming Soon)
  • Paradigm®
  • Extreme (Canada Only)

Rebound® Braces

  • Rebound Cartilage & Rebound Cartilage Custom
  • Rebound DUAL & Rebound DUAL Custom
  • Rebound DUAL ST & Rebound DUAL ST Custom

Unloader® Braces

  • Unloader Hip
  • Unloader One X & Unloader One X Custom
  • Unloader Custom
  • Unloader One SD & Unloader One SD Custom
  • Unloader One Original & Unloader One Original Custom

Formfit® Braces

  • Formfit OA Ease
  • Formfit Pro Knee OA