Nathan Parker's Story

I was extremely lucky to be fitted with an i-Limb® Quantum very early after my accident and haven’t looked back since.

From the first time I used the hand, I was blown away by just how much functionality and flexibility is available to me with the i-Limb® Quantum. While I mainly use 4-5 grip patterns daily, it is exciting to have 36 grip patterns at my disposal (24 pre-programmed and 12 customisable). In my experience, I have found this extremely advantageous, as it allows me to adapt my hand to a task, rather than having to try and adapt the task to my prosthetic.

In my opinion the biggest strength of the i-Limb® Quantum is the ability to switch between grips using gesture control. It makes switching between grips extremely easy and enables me to change my grip without having to alter/adjust the hand with my other hand.

Combining the hand with the my i-Limb® phone app unlocks even more possibilities, putting any one of the 36 grips at my fingertips with the simple press of a button on the screen.

The i-Limb® Quantum has drastically improved my life and opportunities following my accident, allowing me not only to complete activities of daily living with confidence and ease, but also allowing me to return to flying and pursue my aviation dreams. The i-Limb® Quantum really has enabled me to establish my new ‘normal’, living my life two-handed just like I did before. To me, my i-Limb® Quantum is not just my prosthetic, it truly is my hand.