Dan Ajello's RHEO KNEE XC & Pro-Flex XC Story

I was born without my right hand and foot, and my left leg ends at the knee. I was fitted with my first set of lower limbs at 12 months and I was walking independently at 18 months. Prior to November 2018, I only had access to mechanical knees. Since being fitted with the RHEO KNEE XC, a microprocessor-controlled knee, it has undoubtedly transformed my life.

The RHEO KNEE XC is superior to any knee I had used previously. The control, intuitive movement and yield make walking, running, and standing much more natural and has reduced strain on my body. Having the ability to stand evenly with a slightly flexed position at my knee as well as the ability to control yield when moving down gradients has been particularly helpful.

The RHEO KNEE XC allows me to participate in full-time work (roofing and renovation contracting as well as beekeeping) without having to take days off. I am also able to perform better at sports such as boxing. I’ve found I have increased endurance and I’m able to perform my daily activities without requiring rest days.

I was previously falling 3-5 times per month on my mechanical knee, but since wearing the RHEO KNEE XC, I’ve experienced almost no falls. My family and friends have noticed the difference and have commented that I ‘don’t fall as much’ (Kyle, friend), ‘complain about my knee issues, unreliability and knees breaking’ (James, friend) and that I am ‘now able to work and play every day without having to take rest days in bed’ (Jess, partner).

I’m grateful for the reliability of the RHEO KNEE XC and the reduction in stress on my body. It’s had an extremely positive impact on my life as I now feel much more capable and will continue to do the things that I enjoy without having to worry. I am thankful beyond words for the opportunity to have the RHEO KNEE XC and Pro-Flex XC feet. Growing up I didn’t think it would be possible to use this type of equipment, but since being fitted with these products, I have felt much more able and much less disabled. I am so thankful to Lizzie Carey, the team at Össur and NZALS for all their help throughout the process.

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