When you encounter water, understanding what your prosthesis is designed to withstand is important. If you have regular contact with water, whether it’s visiting the beach, a pool, or your bathtub, check with your prosthetist to plan ahead and make sure your prosthesis gives the support you need.

In different environments, you will encounter everything from salt to fresh water, and every component in your prosthesis needs to be designed for your day.

Please refer to the instructions (IFU) for each product for exact waterproof specifications.

Waterproof Devices by Össur

Whether it's fresh water, salt water or chlorinated water, Össur's Waterproof products will give you the maximum protection you need. The use of first-rate materials provides permanent protection against harmful ingress of water, even after submersion, whilst continuing to provide the functionality you expect.

Devices that are waterproof in salt and chlorinated water are listed below.

Mike Coots and Albert Lin - Pro-Flex XC Waterproof Video

Weatherproof Devices by Össur

A weatherproof device allows use in a wet and/or humid environment but does not allow submersion. Fresh water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect. Dry thoroughly after contact with fresh water (including tap water). Excludes salt and chlorinated water.

Waterproof & Weatherproof Prosthetic Components