Why Livingskin?

Össur Livingskin solutions are high-quality, handcrafted, high-definition silicone prosthetic restorations designed to match the unique aesthetic details of each client.

Hand-painted to closely match skin tone and appearance, Livingskin prostheses are designed to look very realistic. Individual details can be added to the prosthesis, such as freckles and hair. As well as being highly cosmetic, Livingskin solutions can be used to support passive functions for users such as pushing, pulling, and stabilising.

“The artists have done a wonderful job on the colouring and veins. So realistic. I like seeing/feeling the skin lines too. When I’m wearing it, I feel like a normal person. I feel I am walking more naturally with less of a limp.”

Livingskin User

Livingskin Solution

  • Premium high-definition products as standard
  • Single colour value options for a budget
  • Wide range of lower and upper extremity solutions  
  • Guaranteed fit and colour match
  • App and photo kit used for easy and consistent image capturing
  • Simple and efficient single-step casting process
  • Consistent turnaround times for each device
  • Clinical and Customer Care Specialists available to assist in auditing images to ensure a high-quality outcome, including any additional requirements. Sketches can be provided on request for complex devices to give a more accurate representation of needs.

The Össur Livingskin Partnership Program

The Össur Livingskin Partnership Program is designed to provide clinical partners with superior client outcomes using Livingskin solutions.  Partners are supported through the use of exclusive clinical resources, training and business support elements to consistently deliver superior restoration outcomes to their lower extremity and upper extremity clients.   

To find out more about program details and how you can become an Össur Livingskin Clinical Partner, please contact your local Area Sales Manager or submit a general enquiry below.

Dynamic Prosthetics & Orthotics
Dynamic Prosthetics & Orthotics
Össur Livingskin Partner, QLD


About Dynamic Prosthetics & Orthotics

We are a proudly 100% locally owned and operated Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic on the Sunshine Coast, specialising in the casting and manufacturing of all custom made and pre-fabricated Prosthetic and Orthotic devices. We guide you every step of the way so that you can live your own version of your best life.

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ProMotion Prosthetics
ProMotion Prosthetics
Össur Livingskin Partner, VIC


ProMotion Prosthetics is a dedicated, private Prosthetic facility in Melbourne, Victoria and is recognised across the Australian P&O community as an important contributor to the high level of provision of Upper and Lower Extremity Prosthetic Services to clients of all levels of amputation and limb loss. ProMotion use evidence-based practice and our team always have the most up-to-date knowledge across the expansive range of prosthetic technology. Clients who attend the ProMotion Prosthetics facilities can expect a unique service, where one-on-one attention is given. Time is taken to discuss your individual needs, and the ongoing relationship clients develop with our team is the result of open, honest communication and focus on ProMotion’s main goal; To provide clinically appropriate treatment for each individual, so they can achieve their functional mobility and goals.

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