Bracing Options for Prosthetics Patients

Össur supports a wholistic approach to patient care with bracing options for the contralateral limb, or over the socket. A specific selection of orthoses includes Unloaders (for OA), CTI custom or OTS, as well as AFOs. Prescription for prosthetics patients is now easier than ever with often the ability to incorporate bracing into funding applications.

CTi Knee Braces

Rock-solid, hand-laminated carbon fiber frame providing you with the ultimate combination of stability and protection.

Unloader Knee Braces

Effective braces that you can rely on. Lightweight and discreet to help you rediscover your sense of adventure.

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Össur's AFO Dynamic incorporates Flex-Foot®technology and the energy-storing properties of carbon fibre. The result is a strong, lightweight solution for people with varying degrees of drop foot.

Causes of Knee OA in Unilateral Amputees

  1. Increased loading through contralateral knee
  2. Asymmetric gait
  3. Increased contralateral knee adduction moment
  4. Exacerbated by poor prosthetic fit and/or alignment

Orthotic Treatment of knee OA in Amputees

  1. Visit the Unloader Knee Brace page
  2. Highlights of the Unloader One Range for Prosthetic Patients include unmatched suspension, breathable, comfortable, easy to use, and lightweight, all without sacrificing the proven Unloading capacity
  3. Watch the Unloader One fitting video
  4. 30 Day Patient Satisfaction Guarantee - Improved prescription confidence and financial reassurance for patient
  5. Visit CTI OA Bracing page

Case Study: Prosthesis with CTi Brace for Paralympian Joany Badenhorst

Össur Ambassador and Para-snowboarder Joany Badenhorst suffered short traumatic TT amputation from an accident at the age of 11. Surgery was performed to remove the Fibula and the Medial Head of the Quadriceps during amputation.  Years later, Joany returned facing new challenges as a Professional Snowboarder and as a full-time prosthetic user. These challenges included severe LCL, MCL and PCL instability and later required ACL reconstruction following an accident that occurred during snowboarding. The initial prosthesis that was prescribed needed to be altered to allow Joany the support to continue snowboarding safely.

Joany faced the following challenges:

  • Uncomfortable & non-adjustable thigh corset​
  • No rotation between lower and upper leg segments
  • Knee pain​
  • Difficulties on tight turns on the course ​
  • Pain when jumping ​
  • Locking liner difficult to tolerate < 2 hours​
  • Prosthesis uncomfortable to use outside of snowboarding, such as walking to and from lifts, etc.

Prosthetist Stefan Laux and the team at APC Prosthetics provided a unique and personalised solution that helped resolve these issues. A CTi Brace and socket were customised to allow more flexibility for high activity. The following custom solutions were performed to provide Joany with the best support to continue her sporting passion:

  • A new definitive socket with flexible inner HTV silicone
  • Static fitting in the clinic on a snowboard to provide accurate socket alignment and corset positioning
  • An inferior corset attachment on the socket
  • Structural carbon shell with a SAH foot adapter and custom “Wonderwoman” fabric.
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