In need of some inspiration? These success stories are from people like you; people determined not to let the pain of osteoarthritis hold them back. Take control and get set for the adventure ahead.

Unloader One X Stories

Dr Klaus Vedder, Orthopaedic Surgeon

“I’ve been using the Unloader One X for nearly a year and I’m happy to say that I have been able to continue doing all the activities I enjoy. In fact, I went to Nepal in September 2019 as planned. It involved three weeks of trekking between 4-8 hours per day carrying a 13kg backpack. I can say that it was fantastic trekking and a great experience. To realise dreams beyond the ordinary…that’s my #lifewithoutlimitations.”

Unloader One Lite Stories


After wearing the Unloader FIT ®* knee brace, Tony felt the benefits. Meet Tony – an active man whose cartilage was damaged after a skiing accident. His knee developed osteoarthritis over time, limiting him from taking part in family activities and maintaining his active lifestyle. After wearing the Unloader FIT ®* knee brace, Tony felt the benefits. He is now able to play a full round of golf and participate in activities with his family. *Unloader FIT® has upgraded to Unloader One Lite

Justin Gribbin

"I love obstacle racing and with the Unloader Brace it is allowing me to keep running and competing in my 40’s even though I have osteoarthritis in my knee."

45 Year Old Male, Working Professional & Kite Surfer

"I have tried several different knee braces and now sincerely believe that the *Unloader FIT® is currently the best available product for people that want to continue an active lifestyle in spite of having osteoarthritis."

39 Year Old Male, TV Personality

"I walked 96 km along [Kokoda Track] trails of intense ups and downs under the most extreme underfoot conditions. It was tough that’s for sure! However, without the braces I don't think there’d be a chance I would have completed the trek, as they helped my knees incredibly. Prior to the trek, going about my usual daily activities, the braces helped to reduce my knee pain. Now that I’m home again, it’s a relief to get through all my normal activities comfortably. The overall effect the braces have had on my lifestyle has been amazing."

61 Year Old Female

“I am loving the brace it has relieved my pain, and given me more movement, I am able to do things I haven't done in a long time”

45 Year Old Male, Father of Four

"I walk a lot on using stairs at both work and home. I was really struggling, and the brace has taken the edge off. I travel well with it. I have 4 young active kids, I need to keep up with them, and the brace reduces the stabbing pain, which allows me to move around, kick a ball and be active. I played indoor cricket for about 25 years, I stopped playing 1 year ago, however I have now started filling in, which was not able to do at one point because of my knee pain."

61 Year Old Male

"I have one of these braces and I wish I had this 3 years ago. I now ride my Trike all over New Zealand."

56 Year Old Male, Full-time Delivery Driver

"Both my knees are stuffed. I bought one for each knee and they really do work. I wear mine at work all day. I wear them everywhere. I'm much more active now. I would recommend them to anyone."

45 Year-Old Male, Father of Two

"My Unloader One is working well. Gives me a lot of comfort while working, standing and walking stairs for 8 hours."


"Our patient was AMAZED at the effect the brace had."

37 Year Old Male, Father of Two

"I can't speak for everyone's experience as everyone has different problems with their knees but it made a huge difference to me while I had it on, it made my leg feel normal again."

Young Active Male

"My Unloader brace has helped reduced the pain in my knee, giving me the ability to train harder and be more active in my day to day. I work out regularly and train others as well, including weightlifting and kickboxing, and the brace has really helped with these activities for me."

41 Year Old Male

"When my doctor advised me at 41 that I had high grade Chondromalacia to just stop running forever I wasn’t prepared to accept his advice. The only options at my age were either stop running or an injection that costs $600 a shot and could possibly give some pain relief and depending on how the body reacted to the injection how long the might be (approx. 6months) and I am too young for knee replacement. After finding Össur and having been fitted with an Unloader knee brace, I have been able to continue as if I had 2 good knees. The braces are comfortable and unobtrusive, and I can wear them for long periods of time while working or playing sport."

Unloader One Stories

Unloader One Stories

Trish Faulkner

"Using the Unloader One knee brace after loss of mobility and pain from cartilage damage has allowed me to return to orienteering and hiking in rough terrain, as well as facilitating with some cartilage repair as well."

Tracy Provest

"Taking a holiday with my daughter two years clear of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, the Unloader has allowed me to “keep up”. We trekked in Nepal, celebrated Mother's Day sunrise at the Taj Mahal and climbed Sigyra Rock in Sri Lanka. I could not have enjoyed exploring without the Unloader and I certainly would not have attained the summit! Onwards and upwards!"

Thomas Strang

"I climbed Ayers rock recently made possible by wearing an Unloader One due to the superior support it gives. It was very memorable without the pain (during and after the climb which I would normally endure) and has removed all limitations that I once had."

Mark McLean

"With long wait times for knee replacement and ever worsening arthritis I found myself unable to put any weight on my leg. I was fitted with a knee Unloader brace, while initially very sceptical, I was absolutely amazed it works!"

David Gill

"Without my Unloader brace I wouldn’t have been able to walk around Italy for 2 weeks. I would have been stuck on the couch after 1 day on cobblestone streets with high doses of anti-inflammatories. Instead I was able to keep up with my wife on our holiday."

Garry Snelson

"I am 62 and have 2 advanced arthritic knees with no lateral cartilage. The Unloader braces enable me to continue my passion of skiing around the world which was coming to an end before the braces. By far the best braces I have had in every way."

Paul Smith

"With an Unloader I did a trip of a lifetime climbing the mountains in Nepal. Before using an Unloader brace I had given up any hope of this trip."

Unloader Hip Stories

Paul Tolcon

"Some years ago I found out that I had Osteoarthritis in my left hip, causing me ongoing pain during exercise. I hadn’t tried anything like a brace in the past, but since my fitting with Simon from Össur in 2018, the Unloader Hip, has enabled me to continue my sports and other passions to a high degree without the same pain. I was on the verge of quitting tennis, but I particularly like the support from the brace and its ability to straighten me up without putting too much stress on my left side during sport; for tennis and golf, this is very good. The Unloader Hip has allowed me to keep going and kept me in a physical and mental positive state. I will eventually require a hip replacement operation, but in the meantime, the Unloader has bought me time and comfort. I will likely use it after my operation for continued support and comfort. Many thanks to Össur and Simon Boyd for his consultation, fitting and ongoing service."

Reconnecting with your passion

Watch how Unloader braces help users return to the daily activities they enjoy such as hiking, yoga, dancing and other everyday activities.

Once diagnosed, contact us to find your nearest fitting centre where a certified professional can fit you with the right brace for your needs. Unloader braces should be used only as directed and if symptoms persist consult your health care professional.

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