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Invoice Gateway

For the ultimate in convenience, we now offer our customers easy access to receive, manage, and even pay bills on-line, 24/7. Simply use the unique token printed at the bottom of your invoice/statement to enroll or contact us at [email protected] with your request.  

Access Össur Invoice Gateway

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Invoice Gateway provides you with a number of convenient capabilities. You can easily access your invoices and statements online in PDF format. You can download your billing information into a variety of accounting packages including QuickBooks. And you can even help save a tree by turning off the delivery of paper invoices.
How much does it cost?
Invoice Gateway is absolutely free. In fact, you will save the cost of the stamp and you will save the hassle of writing out a check.
Will my paper invoice still be mailed to me?
By default your paper invoice will still be delivered via the mail. However, you can easily turn this off and help save a tree through the Options tab within the Invoice Gateway site.
Can I cancel after I sign up?
You may cancel at anytime and your paper invoice will be mailed to you the next cycle. Simply call Össur at 800-233-6263.
Can I pay my invoice online?
Yes. This service enables you to pay your invoice online. You can easily pay your statement with your checking account.
Is my bank account information safe?
We protect your information with the highest level of encryption available. You can be assured that your information is safe.
How will I know when I have a new invoice?
You will receive a notification via email that a new invoice is available.
Will my invoice look the same online?
Your online invoice will be an exact replica of the invoice you are used to getting in the mail.
Can I easily print and save my invoice?
We use the industry standard PDF format for storing and displaying invoices which makes it very easy to print or save your invoice to your computer. Click here to get the free Acrobat® Reader®.
Can I cancel a payment?
Scheduled payments can be canceled prior to processing. To view all scheduled payments, click on the "Payment History" tab within Invoice Gateway. To cancel a payment, simply click the "Cancel" text to the right of the scheduled payment.
Where can I get help on how to use Invoice Gateway?
Once you sign in you will be able to access a complete help/tutorial.