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Össur Canada Motion Lab

The best care and options for Osteoarthritis and Injury Solutions needs

Össur Motion Labs are a resource for Health Care Professionals and patients to know they are receiving the best care and options for Osteoarthritis and Injury Solutions needs.

We do not sell products, but rather we pair our expertise and products with the particular of acute or chronic orthopaedic complaint.

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Össur Motion Labs Walk-in Clinics

A visit to one of our 3 Össur Motion Lab locations will guarantee time with an experienced Kinesiologist, Certified Pedorthist or Athletic Therapist. Please feel free to stop in and visit any of our facilities or call if you need more information on the services that we provide. 


We focus on successful outcomes

Our team of experts takes the time to fully assess patient’s needs, offer treatment suggestions and recommend products that will have the highest level of successful outcomes.

Our Services

No matter what the pathology or etiology we have a team that includes Athletic Therapists, Certified Pedorthists and trained graduates of Kinesiology. For a more detailed overview of our services, see list below:

Do you suffer knee pain from Osteoarthritis?

Össur Unloading Knee Braces are non-invasive treatment option proven to reduce pain and improve modality for knee pathologies such as Osteoarthritis.

Trial OA Bracing Indicator Program

If you are unsure if an unloading knee brace will assist in relieving your OA knee pain, we offer our Indicator Program that provides an opportunity to proceed with confidence in knowing the successful outcome of the brace. Please call or email our Össur Motion Labs for further information on trialing an unloading knee brace, such as the clincally proven Unloader One brace.


Knee Ligament Injury

Össur Ligament Braces help in everyday situations or professional athletic endeavors to help protect against and recover from debilitating knee injuries or sprains.

Foot pain or fatigue

Certified Pedorthist's thoroughly assess, test, cast and fit custom manufactured Foot Orthoses from foot related injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis to chronic pathologies such as Diabetes.

Knee sprain or Patella pain

Whether a rigid supportive knee brace for a ligament injury or a Patella Stabilizer is required the Össur Motion Labs have a selection of braces designed to improve successful patient outcomes.

Foot or Ankle sprain/injury and post-operative support

We offer a wide range of functional foot and ankle products to assist in the prevention and rehabilitation of most sprains, fractures and traumatic injuries or orthopaedic surgeries.

  • Walker Boots
  • Ankle Bracing
  • Night Splints

Wrist or Thumb
Injury supports

Össur Motion Labs offer a wide variety of wrist and thumb supports designed to be comfortable, easy to use and improve patient outcomes.

  • Rigid Wrist Braces
  • Thumb Spicas
  • Wrist sleeves

Elbow or shoulder protection, post injury or surgery

We offer a selection of:

  • Tennis Elbow Supports
  • Shoulder Slings
  • Shoulder Immobilizers
  • Range of Motion Elbow Brace

Having surgery or experienced an acute injury?

The Cold Rush Cold Therapy System provides an effective and soothing treatment for reducing post-operative pain and swelling. Well suited for hospital, home or portable use, the Cold Rush Cold Therapy System helps return patients to normal activity faster by providing cooling relief throughout the healing and recovery process.

Cold Rush Rental Program

If you only requiry cold therapy for a short period of time, we offer the Cold Rush Rental Program. Please call or email our Össur Motion Labs for further information on renting a Cold Therapy System.