Industries and markets

Aging and more active population

The global population of 65 and older is increasing and will underpin market growth as an aging society brings an increase in the frequency of vascular diseases and diabetes, which are the two main causes of amputation. These individuals will also have an increased amount of fractures, joint instability, and joint afflictions such as osteoarthritis, which increases the demand for different forms of bracing and supports products.

Healthcare expenditure

Healthcare providers are constrained by budgets and, accordingly, they demand cost effective solutions without compromising quality. This has led to substantial investment in demonstrating and providing functional, clinical, and economical outcomes to potential payers. The demand for lower healthcare expenses creates opportunities for lower-cost bracing as alternatives to high-cost surgery.

Technology development

New technologies and technological combinations, as well as new materials, continuously yield improved products. Such technological advances lead to total market growth as demand is created for more technically advanced and expensive solutions, such as mind-controlled prosthetics and powered bionic bracing.

From volume to value/premium

The demand for higher quality products creates opportunities for technology trade-up in our business.

Stroke, diabetes, and OA on the rise

With the growing number of people afflicted by diabetes and vascular diseases, the demand for prosthetics is expected to increase. Osteoarthritis is also expected to increase in correlation with, for example obesity, resulting in demand for bracing & supports products.

Changing healthcare requirements

Two vital requirements for any market player in the orthopaedics industry are the ability to adapt to changing healthcare requirements and tailoring product offerings to meet the prevailing regulatory system.

Consolidation in patient care

We are seeing an increase in the mergers of healthcare solutions and product providers with increasing cost pressures and the need for scale. This trend creates opportunities for forward integration in the healthcare industry.

Improved treatment options

Surgery, wound care, and early accessible pain medication provide alternatives to bracing and prevent amputations but also encourages higher value customer service which is one of Össur’s key competencies.

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