Corporate Governance

In line with the Company’s core values of honesty and courage, Össur focuses on good corporate governance and the benefits they provide.

Corporate Governance Statement

Statement on Corporate Governance (year end 2017)

Corporate Governance Appendix (year end 2017)

Complete Report on Compliance with the Danish Recommendations (year-end 2015)

Remuneration Policy

The Annual General Meeting in 2018 approved the Remuneration Policy as proposed by the Board of Directors.

Remuneration Policy 2018

Articles of Association

The Company’s Articles of Assocation as of 8 March 2018.

Samþykktir fyrir Össur hf. frá 8.mars 2018.


The elected chartered accountant of Össur hf. is Deloitte hf., ID-no. 521098-2449, address: Smáratorg 3, 201 Kópavogur.

Auditors on their behalf are Þorsteinn Pétur Guðjónsson, CPA, and Signý Magnúsdóttir, CPA.

Deloitte hf. has been Össur’s auditor since the Company’s founding in 1971. Mr. Guðjónsson has acted on its behalf since 2013 and Ms. Magnúsdóttir since 2011.

BOD Rules

BOD Rules