Rebound® PCL brace Wins Sports Medicine Award for Innovation in Rehabilitation

Rebound® PCL, a Functional Healing® knee brace from Össur, recently received recognition for its innovative design and development in sports medicine.

Orthopedics This Week sponsored the Sports Medicine Awards, and selected Rebound PCL as the winning innovation in the rehabilitation category. Judges assessed the applications according to originality, clinical relevance, and the likelihood that the technology will improve current standards of care.


Rebound PCL is optimal for rehabilitation of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures, and can be effectively worn during functional (non-surgical) treatment or post-surgical reconstruction. Rebound PCL can also be used for complex ligament reconstruction with PCL injury. The Rebound PCL was highlighted in the Orthopedics This Week newsletter.

The Sports Medicine Awards bring increased recognition to the exemplary and innovative Injury solutions Össur provides, as well as the engineering teams and staff who support them.