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Form Fit MCL: Indicated for functional recovery after MCL injury

Medial collateral ligament (MCL) damage is one of the most common knee injuries and occurs most frequently in young athletes performing sports involving valgus knee loading like ice hockey, skiing and football. Many of these MCL injuries are treated conservatively with protected range-of-motion and progressive strengthening to promote a high rate of return to sports (Phisitkul et al. 2006).

While there are many bracing options for knee ligament injuries, none are specifically designed for MCL injuries, until Össur’s Form Fit MCL. With a lateral, steel hinge arm and dynamic force straps (DFS), Form Fit MCL can be used during rehab and training to protect and support the knee. Unlike other steel frame braces, Form Fit MCL’s hybrid posterior sleeve/wrap design is easy to don and doff and features a low-profile design, making it ideal for returning to activities.

With a rehab-based conservative approach, it is imperative to protect the joint until the ligament(s) heal(s) and limit range-of-motion to prevent re-injury. However, patients (specifically athletes) want to reduce time out of play as much as possible. Consider Form Fit MCL to meet the needs of practitioners and patients by providing stability and comfort during functional recovery.


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