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Össur Launches Unloader® Hip, World’s First Brace For Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis

unloader hip braceÖssur, the global medical technology leader renowned for its advanced prosthetic and orthopaedic innovations, announced today that it has launched Unloader® Hip,  a unique brace intended to provide relief for patients with mild-to-moderate hip osteoarthritis (OA). Hip OA is a progressive, degenerative, incurable disease. It is considered to be the most common arthritic condition of the hip, and estimated to affect an estimated in in every four U.S. adults.

Unloader Hip’s proprietary design is intended to improve patients’ mobility by using compression to encourage external rotation and abduction of the femoral head whenever the patient is walking. This helps reduce the load on the affected joint by dispersing the load to an area of less worn cartilage during heel strike. The sleek, lightweight design includes Össur’s patented SmartDosing® system, allowing patients to adjust the fit to best suit their comfort and activity level.

In field studies, patients who wore the Unloader Hip brace showed significant improvements in the daily living activities over a four-week period.  According to peer-reviewed clinical literature, increased patient activities have been associated with less hip limitations at later disease stages.

“Although hip osteoarthritis cannot be cured outright, clinicians recommend a multi-modal approach including education and pharmaceuticals as the condition progresses.  We designed Unloader Hip with these clinical practices in mind, and believe it serves as an excellent complement to support hip OA patients throughout the process,” said Jason Thorne, Össur’s vice president of Global Marketing OA&I Solutions.

Learn more about the new Unloader Hip. Click here.