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Iceross® Activa with TibiaGuard


The supreme cushion liner for active users with optimal cushioning, comfort and maximum stability.

The Iceross Activa with TibiaGuard is manufactured with revolutionary techniques that combine different types of silicone to meet the challenging requirements of highly active transtibial users.

The integrated TibiaGuard provides optimal cushioning while a thinner, stiffer posterior portion is designed to enhance maximum stability.

Impact Levels

Impact LevelExample

Moderate Impact

Daily activities involving average walking with the ability to vary speed or walking pattern.

Example: Going to the shops, confident outdoor walking.

High Impact

Daily activities involving fast walking, jogging and climbing stairs.

Example: Heavy-lifting, manual labor, recreational sports.

Extreme Impact

Activities involving running, track and field, sprinting, and long-distance running.

Example: Track and field sports.

Iceross Characteristics

  • Active Skin Care
  • Double Durometer
  • Fabric Cover
  • Silken Inner Surface
  • TibiaGuard
  • Wave

Suspension Method

  • Cushion



Note: Responsibility for accurate coding lies solely with the provider treating the patient. Össur assumes no responsibility or liability for the provider’s coding decisions. Össur’s coding suggestions rest on its best judgment and are subject to revision based on additional information or changes in the alpha-numeric system.

Iceross Activa with TibiaGuard Specifications

Iceross® Activa with TibiaGuard™ Product Information
General Warranty Information
Amputation Level: Transtibial
Impact Level: Moderate to Extreme
Size Standard: 18,20,22,23.5,25,26.5,28,30,32,34
Profile: 2mm posterior, 6mm anterior
Iceross Characteristics: fabric cover,active skin care,dual durometer,wave,silken inner surface,tibiaguard
Suspension Method: cushion

Iceross Characteristics

Active Skin Care

Active Skin Care

Active Skin Care ingredients incorporated into the silicone migrate to the outer layers of the skin helping to maintain healthy, strong skin.

  • Aids in controlling dermatological problems
  • Vaseline® assists with skin hydration
  • Aloe Vera softens the appearance of scar tissue and reduces skin irritation

Double Durometer

Double Durometer

A stiffer outer layer of DermoSil® silicone provides outstanding stability, while a softer DermoGel® inner layer nurtures the skin and provides shock absorption and comfort.

Fabric Cover

Fabric Cover

The ultra-strong and stretchable nylon outer cover from provides extreme wear and tear, strength, and durability. The nylon outer cover is built for exceptional durability, the cover also increases radial stretch and comfortable elasticity.

Silken Inner Surface

Silken Inner Surface

Microengineered surface for superior skin conformance.



A soft, silicone pad with integrated Wave feature provides cushioning for the anterior tibia, while a thinner posterior silicone layer enhances control and proprioception. The combination of the two silicone profiles and the Wave design results in optimal cushioning and freedom of movement.



The Wave feature makes the liner easier to flex at the knee, allowing it to adapt more to the user's movements. The liner effectively reduces pressure around the patella and in the popliteal area during knee flexion providing superior comfort.

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