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Total Knee® 2000

Total Knee® 2000


Total Knee 2000 is a strong, durable mechanical knee that allows you to walk with a natural gait while simultaneously providing you stability and safety. It helps reduce the risk of unexpected buckling of the knee joint by preventing the knee from bending when you transfer your weight onto it.

A built-in shock absorber

T Total Knee 2000 has a built-in shock absorber that helps limit shock and stress on your residual limb and lower spine. Furthermore, Total Knee 2000’s design allows it to shorten the length of your prosthesis when your foot swings forward, reducing the chances of catching your prosthetic toe on the ground and stumbling or falling.

Total Knee 2000 may be right for you if:

  • Stability and fall avoidance are key goals for you;
  • You have a long residual limb (e.g., knee disarticulation amputation or congenital limb difference) that requires a prosthetic knee with a shorter build height;
  • You have pain or other comorbidities in your sound limb or spine;
  • You want a lightweight prosthetic knee.
  • Your daily activities include gentle, steady walking around your community with or without the use of an assistive device.

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Impact Levels

Impact LevelExample


Daily activities involving average walking with the ability to vary speed or walking pattern.

Example: Going to the shops, confident outdoor walking.


Daily activities involving fast walking, jogging and climbing stairs.

Example: Heavy-lifting, manual labor, recreational sports.


L5814 L5845 L5850

Note: Responsibility for accurate coding lies solely with the provider treating the patient. Össur assumes no responsibility or liability for the provider’s coding decisions. Össur’s coding suggestions rest on its best judgment and are subject to revision based on additional information or changes in the alpha-numeric system.

More Knees and Legs

Most people with an above-knee amputation value stability and safety as much as comfortable, natural gait. And it’s for exactly that reason that the Total Knee 2000 combines all three.

This popular, highly effective design incorporates a number of features that are unique to Total Knee. Once the knee is fully extended and straight, for example, it locks tight making it exceptionally stable. And the lock does not release until the knee’s user moves forward onto the toe area, in preparation for the next step.

When trust and confidence are key issues, Total Knee 2000 is an ideal companion. Perfect for light work and general walking, even on slopes.

Who it is for

  • People who have the ability or potential to walk at different speeds,
  • Those who are looking for a knee they can trust and feel confident with on varied surfaces.
  • People who weigh up to 220lb/100kg.

The technical stuff

The polycentric design incorporates a geometric locking mechanism, which produces a locking moment to avoid inadvertent bending of the knee when the user’s weight is transferred onto it. A built-in shock absorber provides additional control and reduces shock and stress on the residual limb and lower back.


Natural, energy- efficient motion is achieved with the help of swing-phase adjustments, made by the prosthetist. These allow the knee to swing forward at a speed that is suits the user’s preferred walking speed.


Another safety advantage is the way the knee automatically compacts in length as the leg swings forward. That action provides better toe clearance, reducing the risk of anyone stubbing their toe and stumbling.


Finally, the light weight of the knee makes it easy to handle, even for patients whose physical abilities may rule out some heavier prosthetics.


Stability, safety and comfortable, natural gait

If you think the Total Knee 2000 could be a knee you would feel comfortable with, discuss it as an option with your prosthetist.



Total Knee 2000 Specifications

Total Knee® 2000 Product Information
Warranty Information
Amputation Level:


Knee Disarticulation

Impact Level: Moderate To High
Maximum Patient Weight: 100kg (220lbs)
Weight Of Knee: 690g (24.3oz)
Build Height: 173mm (6 13/16")
Knee Flexion: Max 160°