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Move Naturally

with the world's first complete BIONIC leg.

Consistent ground clearance, terrain adaptation, and easy swing initiation eliminate the need for gait deviations and help restore a natural gait.

Reduce the risk of tripping

SYMBIONIC LEG 3 reduces significantly the risk of tripping up. The perfectly timed and powered toe lift ensures the toe clears the ground during a forward step. And should the user start to slip or fall for any reason, the leg's advanced stumble recovery feature provides instant support.

Change walking speed and direction easily

Adapting naturally to everyday surfaces, including grass and uneven ground, SYMBIONIC LEG 3 offers outstanding stability.

Users can change direction and walking speed easily, with movement that is smoother and visibly more natural, even in confined spaces.

79%of users report increased confidence*

Restore natural gait

The consistent ground clearance, immediate adaptation to changing terrain and easy swing initiation offered by SYMBIONIC LEG 3 all combine to eliminate the need for gait deviations and help restore exceptionally natural, symmetrical gait.

Randy Tweten

A former mechanical knee user, Randy reports a tremendous change in his overall health and confidence: "Now I am a participant in life, not just an observer.".


Flexible, protective cover

SYMBIONIC LEG 3 can be fitted with a lightweight anatomically shaped cover that helps protect SYMBIONIC LEG 3 from physical damage and water intrusion.

The easy-to-fit cover is made of tough EVA material that provides cushioning and slip resistance when kneeling.

It's about confidence

When you feel stable and comfortable, we believe you'll also feel composed, confident and finally able to focus on the important things in life.

Stacy Pryor, consultant**

"Before, I avoided ramps and inclines at all cost, but with the SYMBIONIC LEG my mom noticed immediately that I had started walking in a much more fluent and natural way."

Cope with stairs and slopes

SYMBIONIC LEG 3 provides an efficient response to stairs and inclines/declines, enhancing stability and comfort.

When walking on any kind of slope, it automatically adjusts the angle of the ankle according to the steepness of the incline or decline, offering better ground contact and optimal response from the knee.

The consequent feeling of composure and control, without the need to concentrate on every step, helps to enhance mobility and user confidence.

Maintain proper alignment

Changing footwear and heel height is easily accommodated with a user-friendly adjustment feature. Users can change shoes or even walk barefoot, all the while maintaining proper alignment.

80%of users report less mental fatigue*
*Based on responses to an Össur survey by amputees and prosthetists who used SYMBIONIC LEG for at least three weeks. Your results may vary.
**Couple of months after the making of this video, Stacy applied for a sales job for Össur in Nashville, Tennessee. She is now Össur's prosthetics division's area manager, covering Tennessee and Kentucky.




The SYMBIONIC LEG 3 is designed for low to moderately active transfemoral amputees and should only be fitted by a certified prosthetist.


To see if you can be fitted with the SYMBIONIC LEG 3 , please contact your prosthetist for evaluation.


For more information on SYMBIONIC LEG 3, assistance with technical issues or information on becoming a certified fitter, call us toll-free: 1-800-233-6263 or send us an email to

For information on patient profiles, product specification and other support material, visit the SYMBIONIC LEG 3 product page.

SYMBIONIC LEG 3 Product Page