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More Hospital and Rehabilitation Collars


  • Large trachea opening for quick access to carotid pulse monitoring and emergency tracheotomies
  • Easy to customize 2-piece design with shoulder and mandible contours to increase stability and comfort
  • Rear panel increases ventilation to reduce heat and moisture while allowing cervical spine palpitation
  • Latex-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • X-ray, CT, and MRI lucent

Order Information

Prod# Size Height Circ. Collar
PHP-A310 XShort 1.5" 8 - 11" Purple
PHP-A320 Short 2.25" 11 - 17" Blue
PHP-A330 Regular 3.0" 13 - 20" Orange
PHP-A340 Tall 3.75" 13 - 20" Green
PHP-A350 XTall 4.5" 13 - 25" Yellow
Replacement Pads: PHP-A362

Measurement: Sizing is achieved by the combination of a standard off-the-shelf product with an individualized custom fit. All circumferences are color-coded to assist in proper usage and storage.

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