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CTi® Custom

CTi® Custom


CTi braces provide the ultimate combination of stabilization and protection of the knee joint. This truly custom-made brace uses Accutrac® hinges with extension stops to glide with the knee and breathable liners coated with bio-inert Össur® Sensil® Silicone to reduce migration and skin irritation. Reversible field-serviceable buckles and trimmable straps facilitate fast adjustments and customized fit. CTi custom braces are available in 3 models — Vapor, Standard and Pro Sport — and can be further customized with a variety of options, colors, designs and/or accessories.

  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
  • Vapor model for low to medium impact levels
  • Standard model for medium to high impact levels
  • Pro Sport model for highest impact levels

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Order Information

CTi Vapor
B-118500010 Right SM, DMS, CCS, CMS, CAD, Cast
B-118600010 Left SM, DMS, CCS, CMS, CAD, Cast
CTi Standard
B-116500010 Right SM, DMS, CCS, CMS, CAD, Cast
B-116600010 Left SM, DMS, CCS, CMS, CAD, Cast
CTi Pro Sport
SM = SmartMeasure, DMS = Digital Measuring System, CCS = Coordinate Cast System, CMS = Custom Measuring System, CAD = Computer Aided Design
B-117500010 Right SM, DMS, CCS, CMS, CAD, Cast
B-117600010 Left SM, DMS, CCS, CMS, CAD, Cast


Anti Migration System (AMS) wrap

A circumferential neoprene or evazote wrap designed to aid in brace suspension.

Patella cup

A protective knee cup designed to shield the patella from flying rocks and debris common to sports like motocross and mountain biking.

Gear guard

A protective exterior wrap for the Accutrac™ hinge designed to reduce wear-and-tear on riding leathers and bike graphics.

Soft Sleeve

A breathable under sleeve designed to provide patient comfort.

Sport Sleeve

A breathable under sleeve designed to provide patient comfort. The contoured shape and elastic band aid in the suspension of the sleeve.

Neoprene undersleeve

A neoprene undersleeve designed to provide maximum warmth and compression. The diamond shaped lycra popliteal cutout provides relief from material bunching in flexion.

Neoprene oversleeve

A Neoprene oversleeve designed to act as a protective covering for the brace for close contact sports.

Padded oversleeve

An oversleeve designed to act as a protective covering for any sports that require the padding of any exposed rigid components.



Custom paint Program

The CTi Custom Paint  program is unsurpassed in the industry today. Each custom-painted brace is airbrushed by hand to the patient’s specified colors and design.

12 Colors

The custom-made CTi are available in 12 matt or gloss colors.

Sky Blue
Ocean Blue
Navy Blue

Custom Design

If none of the 12 colours appeal to you then talk to us about a bespoke custom paint job.


More options

Super short frame

A shorter version of the CTI brace optimizing comfort and function for patients under 5'3".

PCL opposition system

The PCL opposition system incorporates a femoral horseshoe extension and an anatomically-designed opposing gastroc force plate to help reduce posterior drawer.

ACL cable system

A dynamic system which applies additional stability to the ACL as the leg moves into full extension.

Hyperextension strap

A fifth strap designed to help provide additional resistance for patients with recurvatum.

Flexion stop kit

Used in conjunction with the Accutrac™ hinge to provide 0 -90 degrees of flexion control.

Motocross kit

Used to optimize the CTi for motocross, kit includes: patella cup, gear guards and sport sleeves.

Valgus/varus correction

An osteoarthritis version of a CTi brace can be built with up to 7 degrees of additional varus or valgus correction to provide unloading.
*Note* CTi OA brace looks the same as a standard